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Archive for April, 2016

  • April 19, 2016
    Kuwait to mandate DNA test for all visitors for “security” reasons

    Traveling to Kuwait just got weirder and difficult (in addition to getting a visa). Kuwait will implement the mandatory DNA testing for everyone in the country, including tourists beginning sometime this year, as per Kuwait Times. Here are some details: When will this be effective? The actual implementation date depends on the cabinet when it […]

  • April 11, 2016
    Travel within Cuba: Collectivo or Bus?

    One of the hottest destinations of 2016, listed by many websites like Lonely Planet, is Cuba. And traveling around the country is easy – either by the international tourist bus service Viazul or by the local taxi services called collectivo. But the question is which one is faster, safer and available. Also see: Eight Days […]

  • April 10, 2016
    The gorgeous temples of Bateshwar, Padavali, and Mitaoli in India

    Bateshwar, Padavali, and Mitaoli are a half day trip from Gwalior, in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India. It is very useful having a guide – the information in this post is mostly courtesy to the guide. Bateshwar was the site of 200+ temples, from the 8th-10th century, that toppled in an earthquake. The […]

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