DealRay will send super cheap, “mistakes” fares to your phone

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March 29, 2016  •  3 min(s) read


Spring and summer holiday season is almost here and while most of us look for deals on flights and hotels, there are a lot of websites that will send deals to you, but not the “mistakes” deals that show up on airline or hotel websites.

This is where DealRay steps in. Specializing in finding “mistake” flights, this flight booking site scrapes the deals when any airline posts a deal in their system, giving you, say, Los Angeles (LAX) to La Guardia, NYC (LGA) for $130 round-trip. Or simply any deal domestic or international.

This is how it works: You need to sign up on DealRay, and add your phone number to receive a deal alert when they spot a “glitch” in the flight booking system. Entering your preferred starting airport will only get deals for that specific airport. Though there’s one small catch – you get a free 2-month trial at the beginning, but continuing to use DealRay will cost you $10 a month. This means you will have to enter your credit card details when signing up.

If you’re looking for last minute deals or are a frequent traveler, then you may end up saving almost $200 on a flight, so that $10-a-month seems like a small price to pay.

After login to their site, you should be able to see all deals, with the details like available booking dates, terms and where to book the deal. Here’s a flight from LAX to LGA, with a stopover in ORD for $130 round-trip.


Not all deals may apply to you, and if you don’t have text messaging plan then it’s not a good idea to sign up for DealRay. Give it a shot for the free two month trial and let us know if this worked for you in comments below.

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