Now access Google Maps in offline mode

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November 11, 2015  •  1 min(s) read

Getting lost in a city or town is fun, but if you find yourself using online maps to get your way around, then Google Maps is the best app out there. Starting today, Google has made its most used app awesomer by adding an offline mode.

Still rolling out to all the users (Android first, with iOS coming soon), the updated version of the Maps app that gives you almost full access to the maps without an internet connection.


Up until now there was a way to access Google Maps in offline mode, but that just meant pre-loading or caching the map before you get started on your route. Now it lets you search for addresses, pull up information on businesses (including reviews, contact info and hours of operation) and even get turn-by-turn driving directions.

Offline Maps setup

After the update, there are two ways to add offline content:

  • Search for a city or country and tap “download” on the results page.
  • Go to “Offline Areas” in the main menu and hit the “+” button, then type in the destination you’d like to add.

Turning on the airplane mode will force the app to go in offline mode, and although you should be able to access the above mentioned areas, you will not see live traffic info and some other details. The best way to get offline maps is to download them while you have an internet connection.

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