‘Packet of Power’ is your friend in case of cancelled flight

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September 23, 2015  •  1 min(s) read


Many of us have been through the experience of a flight getting cancelled, and that could mean anything between getting re-booked on a different flight or being stuck at the airport. Having a “packet of power” before each trip will help you to know your rights as a passenger and prepare you for things-to-do.

Just three pieces of information are required: 1) Airline’s phone number to call rather than waiting in line to talk to the gate agents. 2) Airline’s terms and conditions or “contract of carriage” to insist agents to help you if the cancellation is the airline’s fault. 3) List of other airlines that also fly your route making it easier to rebook on an alternative flight.

Get your trip back on track with these handy information.

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