The Pearls of French Polynesia

Marie Nieves
August 24, 2015  •  4 min(s) read

As one of the most imposing archipelagos situated within tropic environment of South Pacific, French Polynesia hosts numerous picturesque islands, atolls and motus (reef islets), including the most popular and, undoubtedly, the most impressive Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea. From radiant and dreamy Bora Bora and black sandy coasts of Tahiti to pristine turquoise beaches of Huahine and Moorea, there’s an impressive kingdom of tropic colors, perfectly shaped coasts and captivating lagoons, and this is a slice of magical world which those Polynesian pearls offer:


Tahiti’s fantasy beaches

As the largest Polynesian island, once known as Otaheite, Tahiti is homeland of divine black sand beaches, where tranquil and naturally rich Lafayette Beach presents ultimate destination for all beach lovers, while Point Venus Beach shelters local soccer and dancing activities.

Lafayette beach, French Polynesia
[Photo: Jack-Wei on Flickr]

Plage de Toaroto is perfect snorkelling spot, especially because you can encounter fluorescently colored parrot- fish, stingrays, black tip sharks and lemon sharks.


Motu picnic

French Polynesia’s divinity is also reflected in dozens of splendid reef islets which surround coral atolls, ideal for “getting lost” by the boat, enjoying picnics and serene beach enjoyment.

Motu Picnic, French Polynesia
[Source: vgm8383 on Flickr]

Magnificent Motu Tapu, a tiny white sand islet dived into the azure coral vastness just step away from Bora Bora, is world’s most ideal relaxing spot, where you can try traditional Tahitian meal served over pareo, prime reef divining, kayaking and observing sharks and stingrays.


Black pearls

Tahitian islands are the most unique world’s place where you can find the rarest ocean treasures – black pearls. Entire area abounds with iridescent lagoon jewels, but for real experience head for private pearl farms within Taha’a Island and enjoy introducing rich pearl collections.

Black Pearls, French Polynesia
[Source: Kat Kellner on Flickr]

Taha’a also features stunning coastal nature and tucked sandy hideouts, such as Motu Tautau, whose inner richness you can explore by 4×4 safari tours, while coral gardens between Motu Tautau and Motu Maharare present real paradise for diving and snorkeling.



Tiny islet east from Bora Bora captured a slice of jaw- dropping natural aquarium where you can admire amazing lagoon wildlife, especially turtles, giant manta rays and thousands of colorful fish such as clown fish, moon fish, etc.

Manta Rays, Lagoonarium, French Polynesia
[Source: twintopiste on Flickr]

Another precious lagoonarium is tucked within purple Moorea’s lagoon, on Motu Ahi where snorkeling and diving with flocks of sharks, trigger and clown fish, sting rays and stunning blue trevally stand as lifetime experience.


Islands’ explorations

The wealth of Polynesian islands is too impressive to miss out on, and you can easily take an unforgettable journey across the charming island beaches with comprehensive Tahitian cruises. Starting from Moorea’s fabulous Temae Beach embraced into emerald swallows and sugary sand to explorations of pristine white strips and blueness bordering Huahine Island, unspoiled island coasts are real carriers of heavenly ambient.

Huahine Island, French Polynesia
[Source: dany13 on Flickr]

The choice is all yours – whether you’ll hop to long, white sand sprinkled Matira Beach on Bora Bora to experience the best ever swimming, soak into motu’s radiantly azure warm lagoons or end up on Rangiroa’s Les Sable Roses snorkeling with lovely dolphins and manta rays and wondering if that pink sand came from paradise.


Surfing and kayaking oases

Pristine and translucent beaches of French Polynesia are nothing but water sports kingdom, so if you’re passionate surfer, coral reefs and wavy beaches on Tahiti Island provide excellent opportunities for paddle or freestyle surfing. Tema’e on Moorea Island is also great surfing site, but if you’re fonder of kayaking, lagoons of Taha’a and Raiatea are simply irresistible kayak marine explorations.

Kayaking in French Polynesia
[Source: prelude-2000 on Flickr]

If you dream about postcard scenery, turquoise lagoons and tropical colorfulness, come to French Polynesia and live your dream.


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