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8 Essential Mobile Apps for Travelers

August 14, 2015


Doing anything with the help of our mobile phone nowadays has become virtually impossible. They are so useful and adjusted to every titbit of our lives that we cannot imagine a day without them. So, when travelling, one of the best companions to have with us is our mobile phone. This is the result of the wide number of applications available for every platform, so here is a list of the eight essential mobile apps for travelling.

1. Google Maps
One of the best apps for finding the right address and seeing the place you are going to with the real street view is definitely Google Maps app. It integrates satellite with street view, and provides you with the info on the distance, public transport options, or finds you the shortest ways to a place. So you no longer need to carry bunch of paper maps when you can have them all packed in your phone, with navigation as well!


2. TripAdvisor
TripAdvisor gives you an insider info on places you want to go. It runs on Android, iOS, Windows or Nokia platforms, so whichever device you have with you – this one is ready for any of them. TripAdvisor offers reviews written by people who’ve been to a place, and can provide you with advice on flights, resorts, vacation rentals and resorts, so once you have it all in one place you can start planning your next trip.


3. WiFi Finder
Majority of our apps depend on WiFi signal, and the phone itself cannot provide the best options to find this signal. Enhance it with a WiFi Finder, and be sure never to miss the WiFi again! I know I used it a lot while travelling the entire Europe in one month.


4. Instagram
Sharing your vacation photos has never been such a pleasure until Instagram came along. Not only will you have all your photos stored out there without ever losing them again, but there are also numerous filters to retouch the photos, and it is them that made this app so popular.

5. WeatherEye
Some phones usually have a pre-installed weather apps, but installing WeatherEye may be a better option. Its interface and the possibilities it offers, such as short- and long-term weather forecast, are definitely a must.

6. WhatsApp / Viber / Skype
When you want to stay in touch with people, these are essential not only for travelling, but everyday communication too! They include sending texts, pictures and videos, and even free calls! They also offer real-time communication, so I could never go anywhere without them ever again!


7. Trippeo
Trippeo is travel and expense management app for those who think business even when travelling. If you are going to a business trip, it is even better, because it can turn into your virtual assistant and you will have your entire office there with you, just a click away.


8. Google translate
Not knowing a language is no longer a barrier to understanding it! With Google Translate, which can translate into 90 languages, the number increasing every day, communication has never been easier. And it can translate from voice, keyboard or images!


About the author
Marie Nieves, student of economics who loves unusual trips and have a plan to travel the whole world. She is an avid lover of photography. As she always loved to travel, she really loves to talk about her experiences. On her journeys she likes to read poetry and prose and loves to surf the Internet.

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