What you absolutely must do in Kin Kin, Australia

Marie Nieves
July 22, 2015  •  4 min(s) read

Queensland country
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When we think about tourism today, what usually crosses our minds are some beach retreats or capital cities. But, most of the people already had enough of the crowded beaches and even more crowded cities. Turning to village tourism makes sense if we observe it like that. And don’t be mistaken by thinking that nothing ever happens in villages and that there is nothing to do when you are there. Take Australian Kin Kin, for example. This whole area is well known for great food, interesting art scene and amazing scenery. Now that we have your attention, we would like to tell you what you can do in this lovely place.

Try local food

Local food in Kin Kin
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There is really no way to get to know some place and its locals without trying some of its specialties. You can’t imagine how fabulous local food in Kin Kin and the whole area is, that’s why you absolutely must try it. It is mostly made out of organic products that will contribute to your healthy holiday, from the area and with love and care. From ginger carrot, famous cheese, pitas to moussaka, waffles and coconut pancakes, there is nothing but pure enjoyment for your senses in this small town.

Participate in or watch Annual trail ride

Annual trail ride in Kin Kin
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Every year in august traditional Kin Kin horse ride is being held. This is a very popular event for locals and quite interesting for tourists. The event includes not only the race itself, but camping, bone fire, breakfast, lunch and dinner and live music too. And if horse riding is not your thing, you can just observe it, and perhaps try riding when it is less crowded.

Relax in local resorts

Relax in local resorts in Kin Kin
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Have you ever thought about Healthy Holiday? A Weekend getaway to health resort is the best idea in this part of Australia. Out of the many resorts Australia has to offer, Kin Kin and that whole area has some of the best. So treat yourself with some relaxing massages, detox and rejuvenating treatments or a blissful experience of one spa day. These relaxing and healthy methods combined with the charming and nature-loving environment will contribute to your overall well-being.

Visit Lake Cootharaba

Lake Cootharaba in Kin Kin
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Located near Kin Kin, this marvelous lake is a real sight to see. Once you are here, take a walk in the surroundings, you’ll be surprised by the untouched nature of the lake and Noosa River. You can also camp near the river or the lake and take a ride with local water taxi to view the scenery. Fishing and swimming is also allowed, so you can enjoy to the full potential.

Explore National Parks

Great Sandy National Park of Kin Kin
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When so close, you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to visit National parks Great Sandy and Woondum. The hills and mountains of Woondum are covered by rain forest and amazing eucalyptus forest, while Great Sandy is coastal scenery with sand dunes, untouched beaches, swamps, creeks, lakes and mangrove forests. These two quite different beauties of the nature, will provide you with dynamic and whole different vacation then the one you were expecting.

In the end, there is nothing left to say, then: Enjoy traveler! Use every moment to relax and explore and make unforgettable memories.

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