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Currecni – iOS app review

March 5, 2015

currenciLink: iTunes
Cost: Free

Bang for buck: It’s free!
Ease of use:
The looks:

There are a tons of currency converter apps for iOS, and Currenci is another one in the list. But this app stands out in its easy-to-use user interface and clean, modern looks.

The default screen shows USD and EUR, but you can add currencies by simply swiping up. Remove any currency from the list by swiping left and swiping down will refresh the data. Swiping right will add that to your favorites list.


Swiping down will bring the list of currencies you can add. The downside here is that you can add only one currency at a time. It’d have been nice to select multiple ones and add all together.

This also shows the settings icon on the top-right, where you can set the default language of the app.


Every other app has at least one error, or perhaps that one thing that’s not right – and so does Currenci. Enter an amount to, say, USD and the app converts all currencies to its equivalent. Then add a new currency, and you will notice that the amount you had entered is now changed to 100. The app does not retain the original amount you have entered after you add a new currency.

Have you used Currenci? Send your feedback in comments.

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