Australian day trips for sailors

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February 25, 2015  •  3 min(s) read

If applied maritime exploration rocks your boat, this day and age comes with more possibilities than a single sailor could possibly visit in a lifetime. Still, in order to arrange an itinerary of connected destinations, island-based and mainland coastal, one does not have to travel far from Australia. The entire geographic region is spattered with some of the most breathtaking and unique sites in the entire world, and one should not miss an opportunity to visit them.

Setting sail
What better way to visit these islands than in your own boat. Contacting the right shipwright will set you on the right track and bring you one step closer to your dream. Create and organize your own journey, stay where you want, for as long as you want and, like the explorers of old, pick your own trails and courses. On the other hand, if owning your own Australian boat is simply out of the question, then do not forget that the majority of this country’s population live near the coast, and marine transportation network is a widespread deal. It is easy to find and rent or charter boats for any occasion and budget.

Fraser Island
Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island, as well as one of the world’s most interesting jungle getaways. True, it sounds like an unlikely matrimony, but covered with dazzling crystal sand beaches, sand dunes that lure with 4-wheel drive possibilities, and lush rainforests, it truly is a mixed package. With a diverse wildlife, the most prominent representatives of which are the dingoes roaming freely across the beach, Fraser Island is also a great setting for some other, more peaceful activities – humpback whale watching and bird watching.


One of the world’s most renowned islands, as well as Australia’s largest and most populated island, Tasmania got its name from the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman, one of the first Europeans to ever sail in these waters. With a lot of charming, whimsical and old-fashioned streets and berths, arrival on this island gently plays up the notion of being a time-traveler, but retains all the perks of modern tourism.


Lord Howe Island
Situated just a bit of the coast of New South Wales, this island has some of the cleanest beaches you will find anywhere in the world. Lord Howe Island, renowned by its dazzling beauty, is also known for its waters brimming with ocean wildlife, uniquely abundant and diverse. Should you tire of exotic flora and fauna, you could always go snorkeling. There are plenty of other sports activities to try on Lord Howe Island, sports-wise. Bike trails cover the entire island, and tennis is a rising trend. Just rent some equipment from the local vendors and enjoy the magnificent natural sites that this island has to offer.

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