Guide to Iceland offers organized, cheap tours to the island nation

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February 24, 2015  •  1 min(s) read

Planning a trip to Iceland? And don’t want to create an itinerary? Then head over to Guide to Iceland where you have licensed tour guides offering various trips from a one-day trip in Reykjavik to a 15-days trip around the island nation.

The website lists accommodation, which is not exhaustive around the country; and car rentals. They help you plan your trip by categorizing the tours offered by companies and locals, such as self-drive tours, nature tours, adventure tours and cheap bus tours. You can even select a city like Reykjavik or Akureyri and look at the tours starting from that city.


While you can see our 10-day experience to Iceland, there are some tours that seemed worth the money to us. The 10-day self driving tour in summer costs $1,643 and includes rental car, car insurance, gas, breakfast and accommodation, which is a fantastic deal because the rental car itself may cost come to $1,800+ depending on the car you get. And if you add accommodation, your price can go up to $2,500. Note that fuel is not included in the price and it can be up to $7 a U.S. gallon for fuel.

Guide to Iceland has some amazing articles on exploring Iceland in pictures, videos and articles

Browse around and let us know your experience with Guide to Iceland website and your trip to Iceland.

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