42 of the important travel don’ts around the world

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February 10, 2015  •  2 min(s) read

There are so many things most of us would do just out of habit while traveling abroad that could easily be misconstrued and perhaps cause problems.

Etiquette around the world can be complicated and one must understand rules so that you are not offending the locals. For example, clearing your plate in Ukraine is an insult to the chef, but some of us would find that a compliment. Similarly, the ‘ok’ gesture – an almost internationally recognized driving signal – could get you into some serious trouble in Brazil. Did you know that showing up on time for dinner in Venezuela could make you seem greedy to locals, whereas showing up late is actually the norm!

If you’re curious about the unspoken rules and regulations of other countries, then check out this compilation of the important Travel Don’ts around the world created by LoveHomeSwap.com.


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