Vamo makes it super-easy to build your entire trip itinerary

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February 4, 2015  •  1 min(s) read

Planning a trip can be daunting – You need to book flights, hotels, research whether to take public transportation or taxi, costs, etc. How do you know what places to visit? When to visit? All these questions can discourage a lot of people, but Vamo makes it easier.

Just enter the cities or places you’d like to visit and the site picks the best flights (in terms of price, time in transit, and layovers) to get you to each city; the best mid-range hotels (based on price, TripAdvisor rating, star rating, and location) and the number of days to spend in each city and in which order.


Currently, Vamo supports 59 countries in Europe, Russia, parts of Asia, and Australia and New Zealand.


After you create a trip, Vamo recommends the “best” route in terms of flights, but also offers options like “cheapest” or “shortest” routes if you think the recommended one is too expensive or long. You can see more details like top experiences and recommended number of days in each destination, best time to visit in terms of temperatures and rain; and links to reviews on TripAdvisor and details on Wikivoyage. Tweak the days for more or less, and it will automatically adjust the price and rearrange the route.

For transport options between cities, Vamo gives a high-level estimated cost and takes you to Rome2Rio for details.


Remember that a travel agent can book all the hotels and flights for you, even the itinerary, but you could save a ton of time and money planning your trip using Vamo, because the travel agent can book a hotel that costs twice the amount as compared to the best-rated (based on TripAdvisor) and half the cost.

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