Plan your international trips with Kayak’s Travel Hacker

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February 3, 2015  •  2 min(s) read

There are a lot of websites that tell you when is the best time to book flights for your next exotic destination. All of these are predictions based on their data and one should always take these tips with a pinch of salt.

Apart from all the preparations you need to do in terms of documents, packing and booking stuff, there’s the flying and commute too. To make things easier, Kayak has released a travel guide that shows you the how far in advance you must book your flights, what are the best days to arrive and depart, and the median airfare for each continent.

Kayak Travel Hack

With over a billion searches for flights in a year, Kayak has put together the data it has collected that can be a helpful guide to plan the initial stages of your trip. Arrival and departure day results from the day of the week with the lowest airfare for each and the timeline for when you should book is based on data for the booking window with the lowest airfare.

As we mentioned, you should take all this information with a pinch of salt and do your research.

Travel On The Dollar