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Travel app review: Am I Going Down?

January 27, 2015

downLink: iTunes
Cost: $0.99

Bang for buck:
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With the recent events of planes getting lost and crashing, some people are paranoid and may want to know if their flight is of any risk? This is where “Am I Going Down?” wants to ease nervous flyers with logic by calculating just how unlikely it is that a plane will crash.

Based on real flight statistics, if you’re flying from Los Angeles to Cancun on Airbus A340 operated by Ethiopian Airlines then there are 1 in 2,761,193 chance that your flight will ‘go down,’ or crash in transit. That’s one huge number which will stop making you worried!


The idea is to select your starting and destination airports, then select what airline you’re flying and what aircraft. Just tap the button “Am I Going Down?” and your results will show up, which includes when you would expect to actually crash — for example, on the flight from LA to Cancun, you wouldn’t expect to crash for another 7,564 years.

Every airport, airline and aircraft is color coded to give you an indication of how safe they are, green being the safest and red the most unsafe.



With a database of more than 10 million routes used to create the app, which includes only crashes where there was at least one passenger fatality were included, this app is available for in the iTunes app store for $0.99.

Is it worth spending a dollar on this? Most definitely not!

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