Best places to travel in each month of the year

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January 14, 2015  •  1 min(s) read

New York Times released the 52 places to travel in 2015 last week, but one of the questions every traveler asks is ‘what is the best time to go to ___?” And there’s not definitive answer, and it’s best to check the weather conditions and prices, along with other factors, to decide on the next destination.


But put together a handy list of the best places to travel in what month, with these factors in mind. With locations both in the U.S. and abroad, you should be able to find a destination that fits both your budget and schedule:

  • January: The Caribbean
  • February: Skiing in Colorado, Utah, and Montana
  • March: Oahu
  • April: Peru
  • May: Kenya
  • June: Maine
  • July: Mexico
  • August: Maldives
  • September: Florida’s Emerald Coast
  • October: Toronto
  • November: Savannah, Georgia
  • December: Madrid, Spain

They have given the reason for it being the best destination, along with what to do and how you can save moolah if you do choose to travel there during that month.

A Month-by-Month Guide to the Best Places to Travel in 2015

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