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Bangkok airport launches automated taxi kiosks

December 4, 2014

Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport launched automatic queue-card kiosks aiming to improve travelers’ access to taxi services. Up until now, travelers have to approach the taxi counters for manual system where staff wrote down a passenger’s destination before handing it to a taxi driver.


The ten new kiosks, found outside Gates 4 and 7 on the first floor of Suvarnabhumi Airport’s terminal building, are designed to cut waiting times by managing the lines and directing passengers to numbered taxi ranks. Passengers need to press a button on a touchscreen kiosk for service. The kiosk prints a ticket, which shows a queue number, parking lot number, where the assigned taxi parks, driver’s name, and license plate.

Passengers in groups or with many bags will be able to opt for one of the larger taxis to ensure they have enough space.

This initial launch will see have staff members on standby to help obtain the queue cards for passengers. They help to expedite the lines, and in a country well-known for great hospitality as Thailand, these hospitable staff will act as one of the first hosts, ready to greet welcome to all tourists and travelers arriving at our country’s first doorstep.

Under this new computerized system, taxi drivers will have to take passengers on a first-come-first-served basis to any destination, including Bangkok downtown or perhaps to other destinations such as, Pattaya. Passengers are required to pay the fee by the meter (distance) system, and that does not include the 50-Baht Airport taxi surcharge.

The print-out from the kiosks will record all details of the taxi drivers and their vehicles, allowing officials to locate them instantly in case of a lost item.

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