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December 2, 2014  •  1 min(s) read

The concept of “hidden city ticketing” is not new and if you do it right then you can save a lot of money on airline tickets. Basically, you book a flight past your destination, with your target destination as a stop on the route, and save more than what you’d on the direct route.

This means that users can book multi-stop flights and deplane before the flights reach their as-booked final destination. In its simplest form, a passenger purchases a ticket from city A to city B to city C but does not travel beyond city B. Sometimes a fare that travels through a hub city to another location can be cheaper than a ticket to the hub city alone.

Skiplagged is one such website that shows you these hidden deals.


Of course, all these cost-saving has a catch – You must have a carry-on luggage because checking your bag will end up on the ticket’s final destination city. You also only want to do it for the first leg of the trip on a one-way flight, in case the trip gets canceled past that. Count in the weather or other delays that causes a problem as well if you’re rerouted to another connecting city.

Also, these scenarios are good for domestic flights, but international flights could be a whole different game if you’re not careful.

United Airlines and Orbitz has files a lawsuit against Skiplagged citing public safety concerns and undercutting their sales.

Head over to Skiplagged, as long as it doesn’t get shut down by the airlines and other online travel sites, makes finding those hidden, cheaper fares much easier.

They also have a smartphone app (iOS mentioned here) that essentially does the same.

Link: iTunes
Cost: Free

Bang for buck: It’s free!
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