This European city introduces tourist tax starting 2015

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November 16, 2014  •  2 min(s) read


Starting 2015, if you arrive in to Lisbon, Portugal, by air or sea, then be prepared to pay €1 per visitor as tourist tax. This tax does not apply to passengers arriving by train, bus or private car. Through this tax Lisbon hopes to raise €7 million next year.

This tax is temporary and will be in effect until 2019, when Lisbon City Council is expected to come up with a “Lisbon’s Strategic Plan for Tourism”.

Also, beginning in 2016, another €1 will also be charged for each night’s stay in the city, and this tax will also be in effect until 2019. Children under 12 will be exempted from the overnight tax and is applicable for the first week of a stay in Lisbon, meaning tourists will pay a maximum of €7 for any number of days more than seven.

Moreover, from these two taxes a municipal tax for Citizens Protection will be created, through which the Lisbon City Council hopes to raise €18.9 million.

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