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November 13, 2014  •  1 min(s) read

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We have mentioned the Argonne anti-jetlag diet before and also gave some tips on avoiding jetlag, but an app designed by the mathematicians at the University of Michigan and Yale University, Entrain minimizes the effects of jetlag.

The theory behind jetlag is when your circadian clock is out of sync with your specific location’s day and night cycles, your body, and your sleep, suffers. Entrain provides you with a personally tailored “light exposure schedule,” based on mathematical models that factor in the light and dark cycles of your destination and point of origin. These models were created by biological mathematician Daniel Forger and, in theory, can help you recover from jetlag more rapidly than you would just by going about your daily life.

What real people are doing outside of a sleep lab environment could be very different. To find out if people can benefit from tailored light exposure schedules in the real world, they’re released Entrain to the public free of charge.

Select your default timezone, usual sleep and wake-up times and what kind of light exposure you normally prefer.

The dashboard of the app giving you all the menu options.

You can select the destination timezone, arrival date and how many days you prefer to start adjusting.

The apps shows two options to you to pick from

Picking the cold-turkey option will display the dates and time you need to start adjusting to get over the jetlag.

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