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Build phrases and learn language using Smigin

November 2, 2014

smiginLink: iTunes
Cost: Free

Bang for buck: It’s free!
Ease of use:
The looks:

There are a lot of iOS apps for language translation and most of them do a great job of translating, but if you’re looking for basic and simple conversation then try Smigin.

It lets you build phrases quickly, giving back native pronunciation, and you can save them as favorites for later user.

You will start with selection of language (English to Spanish (Mexico), French, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese for the time being, but Filipino, German, Turkish, Portuguese (Portugal), and Chinese will be available soon), and construct a phrase piece by piece. Just tap the checkmark and it will present the phrase that you can listen to.





One of the best features of this app is that no data network is required to use the app, while other like Google Translate will not work unless connected to internet.

The downside of this app is that you have to create the phrase from the words given to you on the app and you cannot add anything of your choice. Moreover, we were hoping to find the phrases with questions – how, what, when, where, who – that are missing from the app.

How was your experience using the app?

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