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Log your travels with UMapped iOS app

October 20, 2014

umappedLink: iTunes
Cost: Free

Bang for buck: It’s free!
Ease of use:
The looks:

There are tons of apps for logging your travels or writing a journal using your phone, and UMapped is just another one in addition to that.

Basically, you start a new trip, and add details about your travels as you go. That’s pretty much what UMapped does. Some of the main features include writing your journal offline. The app will automatically synchronize any changes the next time your mobile device is connected. Although, we are not sure how the maps and addresses will work in offline mode. You can add pictures, video, or any notes to your journal. And then there’s the share with friends via email, Facebook, and Twitter functionality.

This is a brand new app hence some features like weather doesn’t work when we tested at the time of publishing.

All in all, it’s not the best travel journal app out there.


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