Carry this perfect iron the next time you travel


There are thousands of tips on how to pack for that wrinkle-free pants or shirts, but nothing really works and you will end up ironing your clothes. And however much you hate that chore, there may or may not be an iron available in your hotel. But this amazing travel iron will make it easier for you because you can iron your clothes while you’re dressed.

With a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign, Collar Perfect is hoping to raise money for this ingenious product. The idea is for the Collar Perfect iron is to work exactly like a hair straightener, letting you clamp it into collars, cuffs, and other parts of your clothing to smooth out wrinkles.


You can also use it in a flat-mode so you can lay your clothes on an iron board and use it as a regular iron. And with five adjustable temperature settings, it will be safe to use on everything from silk to denim.

Expected to launch in April 2015, you can either pre-order it for $50 (their website says $0, but you cannot check-out!) or wait for its launch to pay a lower expected price of about $40.

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