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Countries to avoid if you’re gay

June 19, 2014


June is considered as Gay Pride month in a lot of countries around the world where there is summer time. Although some countries celebrate pride in a different month – for example, Sydney Pride is in February and Sao Paulo celebrates in May.

Many a lot travel to destinations where Pride is celebrated openly, but it’s not so easy for gay people to choose their destination. Gays and lesbians must pay close attention to the country they visit and avoid visiting places where strong discrimination against the LGBT community can spoil the trip or even expose them to considerable danger.

Forget gay pride, just avoid visiting these countries if you’re homosexual:

  • Afghanistan – homosexuality is punishable with death by stoning
  • Ghana – organised groups persecute, lynch, rape or kill gay people
  • Iran – the police, together with groups of citizens, organize ‘terror raids’ to ‘clean the streets and the city from the evil beings and criminals’
  • Saudi Arabia – same-sex relationships are punished with prison sentences, fines, whipping, committal to psychiatric clinics, amputation or public execution
  • Egypt – arrests of homosexuals have been stepped up in recent months
  • United Arab Emirates – punishments include prison, fines, deportation for foreigners and the death penalty
  • Jordan – homosexuals are arrested just for kissing
  • Mauritania – homosexuals are stones
  • Nigeria – unmarried homosexuals are whipped and married gay men face prison or death, while friendship or even business relationships with gays are banned
  • Uganda – passed a law this year introducing life imprisonment for gays
  • Yemen – homosexuality is punished with flogging and possibly by stoning
  • Zimbabwe – LGBT people are persecuted and parliament is considering a law similar to Uganda’s
  • Pakistan
  • Jamaica
  • Brunei
  • Gambia
  • Russia
  • Senegal
  • Somalia
  • India – recently introduced the crime of homosexuality
  • Syria
  • Sudan
  • South Sudan
  • Lebanon

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