Breakaway to Bermuda

Gaby Lucius
May 29, 2014  •  4 min(s) read

Taking a Long Getaway
Summer is here, and people are planning their vacations for the next three to four months. Don’t settle on those quick weekend trips that end up causing even more stress. Why not travel to a far off land for an entire week filled with relaxation and fun? Locations that offer cool water and beaches are near the top of everyone’s destination and get-a-way lists, whether these locations are at the family’s rustic cottage next to a mountain lake, or a time-share condo with a view of a coastal beach.


For a more exotic vacation, though, book a summer cruise to one of Bermuda’s 138 tropical islands. The stunning pink sandy beaches and turquoise waters surrounding these islands have attracted travelers worldwide including Hollywood movie stars, US Presidents, and tourists alike. All in search for an escape from their hectic and demanding day to day schedules.

Relaxation and Adventure Await
Relax and bathe in the warm afternoon sun on a quiet beach with a cold drink, or hop into the refreshing water and go scuba diving with the plethora of exotic marine life. Spend a day sight-seeing, and view some of the beautiful, historical buildings. Verdmont is a 1710 mansion that was once owned by William Sayle, who was the founder and first governor of South Carolina. St. Peter’s church is the oldest Anglican house of worship in the western hemisphere. The original church was built in 1612. A hurricane destroyed most of it, and it was rebuilt in 1713. Play a few holes of golf with your friends at one of the seven championship courses, such as Turtle Hill. This course, with its stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean, was ranked by Golf Magazine as one of the top 5 par 3 courses in the world.


Planning Your Dream Getaway
Hotel accommodations are at your fingertips. Now, you could spend countless hours searching through Bermuda’s hundreds of hotels, trying to find the right one at the right price, or you could make it easy on yourself and talk to a travel agent. You probably have enough stress in your life; let them do the work for you. Travel agents can help you find the right hotel and get you the best deals on airfare and car rentals. They can also recommend some of the more popular restaurants and attractions wherever you plan on going. Some travel agents even offer tailor-made holidays. They will work with you to customize your vacation; after all, this is your vacation. Why not do what you want to do? Pick the package that is closest to your needs, and then customize it further to fit your desires.

Bermuda has a rich and exciting culture just waiting to be shared with you. While you are in town shopping, engross yourself in some of the events and attractions Bermuda has to offer. Take your significant other on a romantic evening carriage ride through the city, and stop by Kings Square in the city of St. George during Market Night to watch the rhythmic movement of the Gombey Dancers as they dance and play their drums.


See the historical side of the island by visiting some of the old forts, and learn the important role that this island played during the events of World War II. Did you know the royal Naval Dockyard located at Sandy’s Parish was built in the 1860’s to protect against an American invasion? Find out more here. Readers, what will be your favorite place to visit when you go to Bermuda?

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Gaby Lucius is a full time world traveler and writer. She enjoys margaritas in the sun and long bike rides on mountain trails. Her favorite destination so far is Venice Italy, where she and her husband spent their 5th wedding anniversary. She hopes to someday take a trip to Iceland.

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