Best places to dine in Dalaman 2014

Bradley Moon
March 24, 2014  •  4 min(s) read

Situated along the south-west coast of Turkey is a town called Dalaman which is known for its sunny weather and warm climate. Dalaman is a popular tourist destination from great attractions to beautiful resorts and the exquisite restaurants but there’s no doubt if you’re planning on going to Dalaman I highly suggest booking your holiday from Directline Holidays!

Akkaya Garden Restaurant   

This really is a restaurant that you have to eat at as it’s highly regarded for not only it’s amazing food but also the customer service not to forget how beautifully placed the building is amongst pine trees, ponds and even waterfalls! They have plenty of food to choose from whether you want a steak, their very own Akkaya steak to your traditional pepper steak or why not try one of their pasta dishes whether it’s Carbonara or a pasta favourite in the shape of Bolognese. They also offer plenty of salads if you’re in the healthy mood and as for desserts why not have some ice cream or a unique dessert called Pumpkin with Tahini.


On the main street of Dalaman you’ll come across the Çinar restaurant and before you even step into the restaurant you’ll notice how excellent there customer service is with waiters helping you park your car. Depending on the weather you can either eat inside or eat outside with tables offering a real nice setting and also a small kid’s play area so whilst you wait for your food if you have kids they certainly won’t get bored. They have a great selection of foods on the menu from traditional Turkish dishes to English dishes at very affordable prices!

Palmiye Restaurant

The Palmiye restaurant really is a beautiful place with everything you need from top class customer service to a great atmosphere and excellent food at great prices! They often have live music playing here adding to your wonderful experience and making it a very entertaining night for you. From Casseroles to steaks cooked how you want or if you’re not a meat lover there is a variety of vegetarian meals and best of this entire restaurant is open till late everyday!

Ali’s Place   

This is a very well regarded restaurant in Dalaman with many people recommending it and this is not only a restaurant but a bar and a cafe as well. They’re open from 9am till 1am giving you basically all day to decide on when to visit which is very convenient. There have been people saying that this is the best place to eat in Turkey which really is saying something considering how many restaurants they’re in this country! The food and service is up to top standards and you certainly get what you pay for here offering excellent value on food and drinks. Whether you want to go here for a full English breakfast or a Lamb Casserole for dinner and if you’re not so into the Turkish dishes then this restaurant does have a nice variety of English dishes so no need to worry.


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