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March 7, 2014  •  1 min(s) read

Laws in U.S. and Europe allows you to claim money from airlines in case if your flight is canceled or delayed, or when you’re bumped. The airlines will offer vouchers or free drinks on the next flight, but make sure to claim your real money although making them pay up is the hardest part. This is where AirHelp will help.

Similar to we mentioned last year that works for European airlines, AirHelp works on behalf of travelers and launched this week in the United States after running in Europe for some time now. Just fill out the five-question survey on their website to see if you are eligible for actual compensation. AirHelp will do the heavy lifting for you if your situation qualify, petitioning the airline and following up on your behalf. In return, they get 25% of the compensation, including taxes. But in case if it doesn’t work out then you’re not charged for anything.

Basic questions include whether your flight was cancelled, delayed, or overbooked, where you were traveling from and to, etc. Once you’ve filed a claim, they show you how the whole process works, when you can expect to get results, and you can track it right from your phone and see what the result of your claim is.

You can fill out the same questions on their website, or mobile apps available for iOS or Android.

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