6 most wild and thrilling activities in Dubai

Shezaa Nehal
February 25, 2014  •  3 min(s) read

We all had heard about Dubai much but very few of us experienced this charming city. Dubai is recently developed city of adventures and thrills that knows better how to catch tourists in large number. The rich Arabian city provide several opportunities of desert thrills, water excitements, air actions and a peaceful invade in its markets and restaurants.

Camping In Desert
During Dubai trip no need to spend whole vacations in city even if you get fed up from the crowded city life. There is an entire peace in the desert side, go and get it. You can spend as long stay in the camping side of the desert. You can rest over the red dunes, enjoy the beautiful view of the sunset and relish your tongue with the watery flavors of BBQ, juices, salads and wines. Night under the wide starry sky certainly let you recall many things of your previous life but not need to be upset but find out some positive aspects of life from this trip.


Sky Diving
See the Palm Island from the top. The view will be more appealing when you are floating in the air and feeling the fresh plashes of mind blowing wind dust touching your face. This trip will help you to make so many memories of this place that you would like to keep with you forever.

Fishing in Ocean
Fishing is one of the appealing aspects that you would like to enjoy. There are various places for fishing in Dubai that you can easily found in Dubai with the help of professional fishing boat. These fishing boats will take you at the exact fishing spots that have plenty of seafood. Your hook will never remain empty once you put it into the waters. Fishing adventure in Dubai waters will be your most excellent venture that you would like to do again and again.


Diving in the fresh waters of Arabia
Dubai offers the great opportunities of diving experiences in its fresh and mild waters. The warm waters with abundance of coral reefs will fill your moments with abundance of excitements. Enjoy scuba diving and swimming till you get tired.

Biking over the up and down stony hills will give another exciting experience of life. On the way you will be not alone but lizards, snakes, donkeys and many other wild animals are with you. The sun may be harsh so must keep plenty of water with you when you are going for biking over the mountains.

Climbing over the huge mountains
If you are interested in climbing and hiking over the tall mountains than Musandam Dibba trip would be a best choice for you. The tall and huge mountain range would allow you to explore it. The challenging hiking routes are somehow difficult but enjoyment you will achieve here is unlimited. Climbing is one of the must things to do during Dubai trip so keep it at the top of the list.

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