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Personal experience on a trip to the symbol of love – Taj Mahal

February 10, 2014

There is a lot to say but I will try to stay brief.

My wife and I planned to meet our daughter, who is currently studying in India, and road trip together thus we contacted 6-8 agencies for help. Many frantic email exchanges later, we decided upon a presumably a new entrant, at least in web sphere called, ANT Travels, simply for their astonishing mail response quality, flexibility economical, persistence and above all, showing patience.

The original plan was to travel to Agra and beyond by starting somewhat early in the morning around 7 AM. But at the very moment we told them the plan, they humbly advised us to start even earlier and witness the Taj Mahal in the early hours of sunrise with Yamuna flowing nearby and absolutely no activity happening to disturb. Well, to be frank, it certainly sounded good but getting early in the icy month of December was quite a task to accomplish. To that, Adarsh, even got ready to ping us himself on our phones in early morning; and he did pinged us exact on time!

We took off on around 3:30 AM, slept in the car itself for two good hours before we arrived in Agra. The driver was extremely courteous and stopped for a quick break in between and he offered us some good and tasty snacks from a roadside stall. When we reached Agra, he took us to a special place, as he liked it to call, and asked us to step out and stare at a dark corner till the time sun is up.

I didn’t have a clue what he is up to but slowly and gradually I could make an outline of the structure which I had seen only in pics so far. Soon, the mystical downy rays of the sun coloured the entire sky a dusky orange before making the entire structure legible in the golden rays of sunlight lighting it up from one eastern side with Yamuna glowing like calm lava. The entire scenery was magical! The visual delight came to an end when sun came in full blast and the visual splendour of Taj Mahal was at its fully best!

I just couldn’t thank enough to the driver for his exceptional display of timing and opportunism. After feasting on the Taj’s glory, we further moved ahead to Bharatpur Sanctuary, Sawai Madho pur, Neemrana, Jaipur and back to Delhi in those three most magical days I ever spent with my family.

At the end of the trip, I tipped the driver, Rajan, only to find out he didn’t accept it and told me that we were guests who are welcomed without conditions. Also he advised us on how to plan our trip further and gave us tips along with do’s and don’ts on our further plans. I just cannot thank enough ANT Travels for their exceptional service, promptness, service attitude and everything they offered me that made my stay an indelible memory to cherish forever!

Author Bio: Mahesh Sharma is a self employed Blogger from India. He loves to travel and explore the world and share his travel experience by writing for different blogs. You can follow him @

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