Travel the world with Somewhere

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January 23, 2014  •  1 min(s) read

Public Instagram photos combined with those from Foursquare and Wikipedia makes it fun to see the world in a different perspective. Head over to this really cool website called Somewhere, an addictive place for travel destinations using Instagram, Foursquare and Wikipedia data.


French hacker Benjamin Netter, stumbles upon a beautiful place on the web, like an abandoned city, a desert or an incredible oceanic trench, and he adds the name to Somewhere’s database.

There’s also a script that will automatically crawl around 150 Instagram pictures from this particular location, which excludes selfies. And all Netter has to do is to pick a picture.

The addictive part is that big blue ‘somewhere else’ button that will refresh the page and take you to another city, landscape or building.

Go ahead. Travel virtually.



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