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January 19, 2014  •  2 min(s) read

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With NASA scientists predicting the best time to see the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is now, there’s no guarantee that you will be able to really see them. Instead of spending days at a destination you are going just to see the Northern Lights, it’s best to choose one where you can have a good time or which you’ve always wanted to visit, and see the Borealis too.

Travelers or Northern Lights chasers recommend checking the forecast of the sun and magnetic waves before planning a chasing-trip. Aurora Forecast is an excellent app just for that. With recent aurora activity and forecast data provided by NOAA POES and Geophysical Institute at UAF, this app has loads of information on the aurora activity levels at different locations that occurred in the last few days and forecast for the next few days.

Aurora Forecast

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