That annoying flight passenger in the dark

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November 19, 2013  •  3 min(s) read

In my last flight from Tokyo to Los Angeles, we started off in night to reach LA in afternoon. This meant that most of the flight route would have daylight outside. And as it happens on most of the flights, upon reaching the cruising altitude, the crew would request everyone to shut off their window blinds to avoid that extra sunlight from blinding other passengers in the plane.

After some delicious dinner (I know, that’s rare!) on Malaysia Airlines flight, I wanted to sleep through most of the 10-plus hour flight. I know I’m supposed to bring the eye-shades to put me in to complete darkness, but this was one of those damn-I-forgot-something flights. Having an empty seat next to me meant that I could use a second blanket to cover me from the freezing temperatures in the plane.

Out of nowhere there’s this bright light hitting my eyes and I see that this one annoying passenger has pulled-up her window blind, letting in all the sunlight!

Some people have the curiosity to see what’s outside… even on a trans-Pacific flight, so I turned my face to the other side thinking maybe she will shut off the blinds within seconds after a quick peek outside. But after the annoying few minutes, I walked up to her with a humble request to shut off the blinds. I get a smile and a nod.

Somewhat satisfied, I was back at my seat. Blankets back on, all lights still off, I tried to convince myself “ok, she still needs to have a better visual experience of the clouds outside and maybe, just maybe, she will close the blinds.” Another long thirty minutes and I see that she was reading a magazine.


That’s it! I had to make the crew show her that over-head light that she needs to turn on to read her magazine! Again, that smile and nod. But she wouldn’t budge. And the next thing I see is she’s off to sleep. With the window blind open. Sleeping.

Please don’t be that one annoying person to open the window blind and let all the light in, unless you’re able to see that gorgeous mountain (Mount Everest?) or a city skyline (Manhattan?) you wanted to see from above. Be courteous to your fellow passengers. Please.

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