7 fun things you must do in Berlin

Pamela Gipson
November 19, 2013  •  5 min(s) read

Berolina, the femme fatale symbolizing the city couldn’t be more proud of her city. Berlin is everything you want it to be. Approximately 135 million tourists visit Berlin per year, the numbers rising every year turning this city less German and more Cosmo. Being the capital of Germany, it goes without saying that it has influential reputation in every area be it Business and Economy, Industry, Education, Healthcare and most importantly transportation within the country and abroad. However, there is more to it:

Berlin resembles a cat’s cradle nest where all the creative master-minds get stuck and join forces to survive. The living here is easy, almost natural. Rent and food is cheap if you want it to be cheap yet lavish if that suits your profile. Its unique and inspiring history is proudly exhibited all around the streets of this city through museums and monuments, ruins and nature; it’s written all over the bricks in every wall and the wrinkles of the elderly… yet no words are ever said.

Berlin is more of a spiritual guide to your inner self, some sort of psychotherapy opening doors that you have never seen before or you were too scared to open. It is a super friendly environment offering a rather minimalistic lifestyle that is always on call and up for innovative initiatives. The city never sleeps.

Berliners are known as UBER cool people, hanging out in the sun and enjoying life most of the time. True, yet sun rarely comes up in Germany therefore the rest of their lives they spending working their asses off, doing the best they can to stay in business. To me Berlin is less of a beautiful Panorama and more of a Reality checks. Among the well-known art galleries, museums, historical sights and touristic attractions, once you find yourself in the heart of this precious city remember to enjoy the venues below.

Rabat in Berlinomat
Located in Frankfurter Allee 89, Berlinomat tents to bring new designers from different fields in one roof. It’s is a goddess of fashion, where you can find clothes, shoes, accessories, furniture and even home cooked pastries, fresh juice and loads of coffee since they own a café as well. Inside it is so shinny white it almost looks like the light to paradise. They have some good sounds too.

Lose yourself in the music
Nightlife in this city is so vibrant it hurts. Parties go on for days and people don’t leave the premises, not for a sec. World famous DJs become residents’ coz they fall in love with the crowd, while people pour their money on alcohol and other stuff for transcendence and joy. – Berghaim Panorama Bar is one of the best clubs in the world. The ginormous 18m high dance floor in steel and concrete, no mirrors or reflecting spaces of any kind and the reputation for decadence and hedonism sounds pretty indulging. On the other hand you have – Salon zur Wilden Renate, another gem of Berlin’s night fever notoriously known for its basement labyrinth, a journey to your deepest darkest secrets. People are warned not to enter it if they feel weak or have heart problems coz something down there is devious yet overpowering; “Eyes projected in frames on the wall observe you as you enter”

Curry Wurst
The first thing you have to try out from the Berlin Street Cuisine is Curry Wurst straight from the hands of the most famous wurst specialists. Curry wurst is so famous you can find it almost in every corner of Berlin yet if you decide to do it by the book your first curry wurst must be ordered in the Deutsches Currywurst Museum located in Schützenstraße 70. If you are a student you get discount on your ticket to the world of curry wurst with workshops, presentations and exhibitions surrounded by curry wurst shaped requisites.


Berlin Zoological Garden in known as the most visited zoo in Europe. After a rainy boring morning getting away into wilderness is soothing for your mind, in the middle of all those beautiful creatures that resonate life. The aquarium is the place to be if you want some peace and quiet meanwhile the underworld is around you. Watching these colorful species calmly passing by makes your problems shrink and become insignificant.

A rendezvous with darkness, in the coolest restaurant in town is obviously something you have to experience. Unsichtbar meaning invisible is a restaurant that serves food in complete darkness and gives you the opportunity to leave it up to your other senses to manage the situation. At first you might feel completely lost and hopeless, however the moment you realize how much you can know about something just by touching it or listening to the sounds it makes is utterly inspiring. The presence of your partner in front of you is just more present, you can’t see it yet you hear every breath, every swallow and every move imagining the silhouette of these actions.

Tajikstan Tearoom
In the famous Mitte zone, well hidden indeed you can find this oriental restaurant for some time off. The genuine Tajikistan interior along the culture and light menu is ideal after long walks into the concrete to top it with a cup of unique flavored tea. The cushions gathered around the table, intense and harmonic colors and the custom to take off the shoes before sitting is all a tourist would ask at the end of the day. Berlin is loud and crazy most of the times yet here it feels like some out-of-body experience transported to some Buddhist temple.

Go local; forget about your camera, notes or them ugly tourist shorts. Explore the underground lifestyle in Berlin through your own eyes, through firsthand experience. Meet people who introduce you to other people friends with a whole different bunch of people. New bands, new music, new artists, wannabes, writers and poets are all concentrated in gangs hanging out in some underground hidden UBER-KULL places you will never find in any guide. It’s like this awesome secret society who invent various ways of getting the most out of life…even lowlifes. Learn how not to say NO. Feel how it feels to be a Berliner to your bones.

Author bio:
My name is Pamela. After I graduated in Psychology & Counselling my friends and I decided to take a year off and do some traveling, I try to blog whatever I experience, actually I am contributor to www.koyotie.com

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