Water sports in India – wet-thrill at it’s best!

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November 13, 2013  •  2 min(s) read

In India, different forms of fun can indulge people from various backgrounds with varying appetite for adventure. At one end, some individuals find even taking a step out of their house adventurous. At the other extreme end, risk takers are not intimidated by even the mighty waves of sea and killing currents of rivers. In both the cases though, the spirit of adventure is exhilarating all the same. In both the cases though, all the same is exhilarating spirit of adventure.


Thrill on Waves and Rapids
Talking about adventure holidays in India, water sports serve every peculiar need for challenging the engagement with Nature. Be it a gentle river of south or a ferocious tributary descending from north one craves for, or the depths of Indian Ocean he wants to measure, India goes beyond the expected.

Water sports can be categorized in two main divisions-

  • Sea Sports
  • River Sports

Sea and Oceans- The Expanse of Adventure
Observing deepest of silence and making some of the thunderous noises are the two facets of the largest natural water reservoirs. Both the surface and depth of sea and ocean have their credibility in providing ample thrilling opportunities to enjoy.

Scuba Diving- Putting on scuba gears and taking a dive in the deepest regions for the sake of exploring natural wealth hidden in sea is among the activities not many dare to participate in. Most of the individuals trying this sea thrill on the Indian sea shores or from the hired charters are foreigners who are not short of such experiences. But, the number of the natives is also seen to be rising.

Wind Surfing– A sea adventure daring all the adrenaline-rush seekers, surfing on the mighty waves is fulfilling in every sense. Months from May to September are favorable with waves as high as 8 ft and more; rest of the time waves of 3 to 5 ft height can be enjoyed. Some of the best spots are Shiva Beach on Murudeshwara, Kapu Beach Lighthouse, Ten Thousand Peaks, Cliffs near Bhatkal, Kanyakumari, Kovalam beach and more.

Water Skiing– Another wave-thrill is enjoyed by donning ski. Goa, Andaman Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep Islands are some of the places where water skiing vacations are enjoyed the most. New to Indians, the sport has been enjoyed by foreigners for quite some time. Amateurs should try only with experts as it could turn dangerous even for most-experienced.

Sailing and Yachting– Sailing to unknown territory on your own is another idea of adventure. Private Charters like Yachts and Sail boats become the mode to enjoy sea and oceans.

Rivers – Adventure Gliding from Mountains
Rivers meandering through rugged mountains tease people into activity. Not even once they are fooled, as rivers do not hide anything from anyone, especially from those who are willing to endanger their lives for the thrill of it.

Whitewater Rafting– Though rafting like every other water sport came late in India, it is now thoroughly enjoyed. Rishikesh has emerged as one of the best destinations for river rafting trips. River Ganges with its many tributaries, River Brahmaputra, etc treats all the senses of the challenge seekers, sitting in a raft and waiting for a mighty rapid.

Canoeing– Currents of water when throw challenge, very few among the darers and such opportunities are available in India. This fun though enjoyed often in rivers, is not limited to them. Lakes and water reservoirs of dams can also provide chances of canoeing.

Kayaking– If river rafting expedition in Himalayas is a challenge, kayaking in the same region is bigger than it. Going around single handedly with one’s life on stake is what a kayaker does every time he takes to the rapids of gushing rivers.

Others– If these options of ultimate excitement on water are making you giddy, you can choose for lighter hues of the same fun on river. Choose Coracling (coracles- traditional fishing boats), angling and bonfire on river beaches.

Experience of water never leaves anyone disappointed. Do you find it in yourselves to challenge nature and feel pampered under pressure of adventure?

Author Bio: My name is Zara, an experienced writer and Travelogue. My passion is to explore the entire offbeat destination in India. I love to share adventure travel and tourism related topic about India into their articles to inspire people to travel more.

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