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Packing Pro is a must-have app for every traveler

October 4, 2013

Packing ProLink: iTunes
Cost: $2.99

Bang for buck:
Ease of use:
The looks:

We all have that moment where you are at the airport and the first thing you ask yourself is “have I packed everything?” And keep pondering over the list of what you’re actually missing. This is where this amazing app called Packing Pro tries to help folks shed some of that stress.

The latest version designed for iOS 7 is extremely easy to use, looks amazing and hence makes this one of our favorite, must-have apps. With a $2.99 price tag, this app will let you plan and add all your stuff for that next exotic trip. Select the dates of travel and preferably a gender or type (single, family, etc) and you will be presented with a list of essentials which you can edit.

You create packing lists in the app either from scratch or from various built-in templates. But you’re never really working from scratch, because Packing Pro packs has many option items to use in creating your lists. For example, pre-trip tasks like “take out garbage” to “money belt,” “binoculars,” and “sterile dressings.”

Packing Pro helps you pack, and that’s just about all it’s designed to do. You work from a sample list of items to pack or create your own and tick off items as they go into your luggage.

It has a handful of other reminders, too, like booking reservations and watering the plants before you leave home, which you can save into checklists to guide your harried soul while you’re running around your apartment like a chicken with its head cut off worried that you’ll miss your flight if you dally a moment longer.

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