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Currency – iOS app review

August 2, 2013

Currency iPhone App


Link: iTunes
Cost: $0.99

Bang for buck:
Ease of use:
The looks:

Although most of the currency conversion apps provide the same basic functionality of, you guessed it, currency conversion, there are some that stand out in the way they perform. With a clean, sleek and modern interface, Currency has potential in the design playground, but lacks in ease-of-use for a first timer.

Touting support for over 160 currencies from around the world, the app starts with a handful of common currencies at first launch – USD, EUR, GBP, JPY and CNY. The primary currency (which are the ‘from’ units in the conversion) sits at the top of the screen, and the ‘to’ conversions appear below in a scrollable list. This is where the app makes you wonder about how to actually use it!

You can add more currencies by searching – pull down the scrollable list, or delete any currencies – swipe leftward in a Mailbox-esque fashion. Need reverse conversions? Just tap on a currency in the scrollable list and that becomes the ‘from’ unit. If you want to clear the amounts, just swipe the ‘from’ amount rightwards and the app will clear two-digit amounts per swipe. Just slide in the opposite direction and removed number will be back.

The keyboard to enter numbers don’t use iOS’ interface, but has its own docked keyboard, which is a distraction from the main functionality.

All in all, with no help section, first time users have to keep sliding and swiping across to app to figure out the workings. Is it worth 99c? I’d say no, just because there are so many currency conversion apps available that are easy-to-use and free!

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