Botswana safari camp builds elephant bunker

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July 29, 2013  •  1 min(s) read

Senyati Safari Camp
Senyati Safari Camp in Botswana has constructed an elephant bunker at their lodge near Kasane. It was a massive undertaking with huge earth works to dig a tunnel to allow people to walk quietly and unseen to the waterhole where they are allowed to watch and photograph wildlife at ground level.

Senyati experiences hundreds of elephants visiting the waterhole in front of the bar each afternoon, especially in the dry season when Oom Louw (Senyati’s owner) pumps fresh water in to give the desperate animals some respite from the bone dry savannah. Even from the raised bar it is a sight to behold so you can imagine what it looks like when you are right at the feet of these magnificent beasts looking upwards as they jostle for position.

The tunnel is 18 meters of well lit passageway leading to a large room at the end with 8 viewing windows. During the times when the bunker is not in use the windows are sealed as is the main door. There is a fan in the tunnel to aid with circulation of air when the bunker is in use which creates a lovely cooling breeze through the windows.

Senyati Safari Camp

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