Travel tip: Angle laptop to avoid neck hunch on a flight

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July 26, 2013  •  2 min(s) read


Seat space, hence leg space, is getting smaller on planes and no one gives a rat’s ass about ergonomics. So if you plan to use a laptop while flying, get one of those laptop stands and keep your laptop at an angle to avoid hunching and hurt your back.

In a post titled “3 Tips for Improving Laptop Ergonomics on Airplanes“, Apartment Therapy tech explains the problems with hunching and how you can get a better angle:

Don’t Hunch: Before using a laptop angle the laptop so the neck remains in a relaxed and neutral neutral position, aiming to align screen with eye level. One of the most affordable, light, and airline-friendly designs is the appropriately named, Aviator Laptop Stand. Just 8 oz and the setup breaks down into 3 parts for easy stow away; $19.99. If traveling without such a stand, using a pile of books or magazines to raise viewing angle closer to the eyes. Every degree helps.

Invest in a cheap stand if you use your laptop more often during flights, or be creative and use that Skymall magazine to improve ergonomics.

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