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Zara Jones
July 22, 2013  •  4 min(s) read

An intellectual rightly said (though not in these exact words) that dreams are meant for open eyes if they are to be accomplished and a dream most adventurous individuals cannot stay away from is traveling to places ‘normal’ being can dare to dream. And so the journey begins- hunting for some of the greatest spots for some of the coolest extreme fun, which not surprisingly takes to some places which never cease to throw challenges. How about white water rafting in Ladakh, trekking in Sikkim Himalayas and motor biking in Darjeeling, and this is just a speck of the ‘big thing’!

Here we go dreaming up a trip from North to North East with nothing except adventure buzzing in mind and adrenaline pumping in veins.

A Land of High Passes – Ladakh

Photo Source: Flickr – Shishir Dhulla

A culturally rich kingdom of past and an adventure hub of present, Ladakh in Jammu & Kashmir claim the highest position to put the spirits on toughest and roughest of trips of their life. It doesn’t actually matter what sport they chose to indulge themselves in to.

Ladakh is among the most scarcely populated regions of otherwise populated India, an apparent contrast. The kind of harsh weather this place has makes it no wonder that the place is mostly inhabited by few locals and mostly defense personnel posted to guard International borders. And this is the opportunity in disguise for those who know what comes bundled with the harsh weather- challenge they seek to win.

Here, people can choose some of the most testing as well as tricky trails on Ladakh Trekking Tours, taking different routes to same destination for the sake of experience various levels of difficulties they offer. Some of the most tried tours are for Markha Valley, Frozen River Zanskar trek, Stok Kangri, Nubra Valley, Indus Valley and many others. In addition, motor biking fans can take up Manali-Leh road which is only a faraway version of roads we generally know. There are mountain passes, high altitude lakes, valleys, glaciers, and many other aspects of Nature. And the options are still more to explore!

A Land of Versatility- Sikkim
Welcome to the landlocked state of India which represents the country in the richness of culture and Nature’s treasure it exhibits. If one happens to be glancing on a map of India and Sikkim at that, he might get deceived by the comparatively smaller size of the state. But ones he begins to look for his options of adventure as well as of ‘regular’ tourism, days of vacation would always seem less.

The place offers the opportunity of amazing wildlife and exuberant flora in its secluded forests and protected areas. Trekkers can get a hang of mountain air taking Sikkim trekking tours for chosen routes like Kanchenjunga Base Camp, Dzongri, Goecha La, Green Lake trek etc and revel in the embrace of Nature. Mountaineering is another nerve tickling excitement in thin air and chill with decreasing pressure with increasing altitude. River rafting is another fun that challenge seekers enjoy along in Teesta and Rangeet Rivers that go to Darjeeling in West Bengal. Another fun time activity is cycling.

See which one of the above send the signature tingling matching the jazz of your pulses.

A Land of Experiences – Darjeeling!
Talk about toy-train ride through tea-estates in the UNESCO world heritage Darjeeling Himalayan Railways, and the place which comes to mind is Darjeeling, but there is much more to it. There is pleasurable weather to relish, historical records to track and be aware of and a world of adventure to explore.

The partially autonomous district inside state of West Bengal, Darjeeling is one of the most sought after hill stations in India, known for its frail ecology but at the same time also for distinct tourism. Its tangled history with Sikkim, Nepal and West Bengal has now become another aspect people come here to understand along with the Nature and ecology inspired tourism. And this becomes a ripe place where adventure thrives, inviting challenge seekers from everywhere.

Unlike rough and tough adventure tours in Ladakh, Darjeeling is a place to enjoy a notch milder experience of thrill. Enjoy various trekking trails that might start from Sikkim or even Nepal and end here or vice-versa; example of that could be Singalila Ridge. Mountaineering is an option that never stops to fill peak climbers with excitement. Those who like it on mountain bikes can choose the rocky terrains of Darjeeling for just that.

So, the dreamland opens a thrilling world. When are going to chose entering it with determination to make it real?

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