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Ulmon city guide apps for iOS are free now!

June 12, 2013

Ulmon City Guides

Ulmon City Guides

Link: iTunes (for Istanbul city guide)
Cost: Free

Bang for buck: It’s free!
Ease of use:
The looks:

Wikipedia-based informational city guides, Ulmon, are free for iOS right now.

With interactive city maps that feature point-of-interests, the apps are map-centric, available in multiple languages and feature 24 cities:

  • Paris
  • London
  • Rome
  • New York
  • Barcelona
  • Amsterdam
  • Vienna
  • Venice
  • Chicago
  • Berlin
  • Munich
  • Prague
  • Tokyo
  • San Francisco
  • Istanbul
  • Madrid
  • Los Angeles
  • Hong Kong
  • Beijing
  • Dubai
  • Bangkok
  • Singapore
  • Sydney
  • Rio de Janeiro

The city maps can be used offline to avoid cellular data charges or surmount spotty network coverage. A map with nine levels of zoom can locate yourself on the map, even without an Internet connection. When used online, the maps are connected to a cloud back-end to allow users to pin, share, and comment on places. You can be pointed in the walking direction of places you want to see.

But information details from Wikipedia require internet connection.


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