Google Maps overhaul will enhance your travel planning

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May 15, 2013  •  2 min(s) read

Google announced the freshly and beautifully updated Maps – with a lot of new features and better-looking-existing ones, you will want to use these maps for everything from booking your flights, hotel reservations & bookings, public transportation to directions by car, walking or bicycle. The directions are dynamic and offers all the possibilities to reach from point A to B – by car, public transport (if available), walking and/or bicycle. If you don’t have the exact addresses, you can simply click on the map to plot it out on the fly.


Public transportation has a whole new treatment – It looks better and the best part is that you’re actually given more information to make decisions in the future. For example, if you’re looking up a train in Tokyo, you’ll be able to dig in deeper to see the times throughout the week so that you have an idea of how to plan out your day.


This overhaul of maps (announced for desktop only for now) after almost five years not only brings directions between points, but also live traffic reports, and clicking on any place will provide additional information like Zagat review, photos, phone number, website and details like address & opening hours.


There’s more. You can now take 3D photo tour generated with user-submitted images from around the world, look at street view of destinations along with canyons to deep-seas.


See the preview here – Google Maps

AOL & TechCrunch gives hands-on experience with the new Google Maps:


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