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Soon electronic devices may be allowed to remain on during take-off and landing

March 25, 2013

Computer on AirplanePretty soon you may not be asked to turn your electronic device ‘completely’ during take-off or landing.

The New York Times reports the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) may only require you to put some gadgets such as e-readers and laptops in “airplane mode” during takeoffs and landings.

An industry working group, comprising of people from various industries, including Amazon, the Consumer Electronics Association, Boeing, the Association of Flight Attendants, the Federal Communications Commission and aircraft makers, plans introduce its findings by July 31, 2013. And if it all goes through well, the FAA may make an announcement by the end of this year.

Devices like Kindle, e-readers and laptops will be allowed, but cellphones will be prohibited. And with more devices like Jawbone Up, Nike FuelBand being used by passengers, we will just have to wait and see what the final list of allowed devices will be.

What about Google Glass and Apple iWatch, you ask?


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