Create personal foreign-language phrasebook using Google Translate

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March 15, 2013  •  2 min(s) read

Traveling to non-English speaking countries can be challenging when you have to converse in the local language and it’s advisable to learn a few basic words. There are a bunch of apps for smartphones that translates English to the local language. And then there are phrasebooks that you can carry as well. But remember, you will end up spending money to purchase those guides, and may require extensive data networks for online (via app) translations.

If you know the basic sentences or words that you will absolutely need during your travels, then head over to Google Translate, which introduced ‘Phrasebook’.

All you have to do is enter the phrases in your local language, translate them to the language of your destination and click that star below to save them in a phrasebook.


Google Translate blog just released this feature to save the most useful phrases to you for easy reference later on.


We have been using the awesome Google Translate app while on the run, but for now you cannot synchronize this feature on the desktop site to your app, for an offline reference.

Also, future release and upgrades should have a print feature for some of us without any smartphone apps.

Watch this space for updates on the features on ‘Phrasebook’ as soon we hear from them.

Travel On The Dollar