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Bluetooth Smart Trigger for iPhone does not work as you thought (updated)

March 8, 2013

Satechi Bluetooth Smart TriggerRecently, Satechi introduced the Bluetooth Smart Trigger device that you can place it over your DSLR camera and with its iOS free app, you can take pictures in three different modes giving photographers the freedom to capture photos while outdoors. The device is definitely a compact, lightweight wireless timer remote that works on Bluetooth 4.0, with a range of 50 feet.

A lot of Nikon and Canon cameras are compatible with this device that costs $44.99.

There has been a lot of reviews online about the Smart Trigger, but not all of them say how the app really works, lest Satechi’s FAQs page, which is blank!

UPDATE: April 1, 2013
The company updated the app and now it works great! Satechi’s website still does not have any FAQs, but their awesome support staff will respond to your queries.

Following is the original post published on March 8, 2013, on how the iOS app was failing to work the way it should have. But after the app update, it’s all good.

We must say that the device is great and captures pictures wirelessly as advertised, but the app is not that great. The app will not work (and hence won’t take time-lapse pictures) if you, either minimize the app, or the iPhone goes in sleep-mode.

This is how we tested the app:

Setup & inputs

  1. iPhone 5 with iOS 6.1.1 and a 5-minute sleep mode.
  2. Smart Trigger iOS app version 1.1
  3. ‘Timed Shot’ mode in the app set to an interval of 5 minutes (this means that the each picture will be captured after 5 minutes)
  4. Total number of pictures to be taken is 100.


  • tSatechi1We took this screenshot at 14:28 (system clock) when the countdown was 01:44. After 5 minutes the iPhone would have gone in sleep mode.

  • tSatechi2From the previous countdown, the app took a picture (as expected) and restarted the timer (for the next 5 minute countdown). After the iPhone went in sleep mode, we turned it on (total time lapsed was 7 minutes as you can see from the system time of 14:35) and the last countdown was at 01:30 with only picture taken (first picture has 100 as the number of pictures left, and this has 99).

  • tSatechi3After taking the second screen-shot, we minimized the app, checked email, messages, etc. and went back to the app (after 2 minutes as you can see from the system time of 14:37), but the counter was stuck at 01:18, with the number of pictures left at 99.

Have you used the app? Send in your feedback or reviews.

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