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What U.S. Sequester means for your travel?

February 22, 2013



If you have been following the latest news on U.S. “sequester” – the spending cuts that will automatically be put in to effect starting March 1, 2013 – then you ought to know that this will affect your travel within and in- and out of US.

The across-the-board budget cut of $600 million reduction from the Federal Aviation Administration means that there will be furlough (temporary unpaid leave) of as many as 47,000 air traffic controllers. Additionally, more than 100 air traffic control towers will be shuttered and flight delays could go up to 90 minutes, especially in some major airports like San Francisco, New York, Atlanta and Chicago, according to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

All this simply means
– Longer times at security on all airports
– Delays in arrivals & departures of many flights
– Lot of cancelled flights
– Higher prices in tickets

No one is talking about what you can do in case of any or all of the above. Yes, you can contact your airlines’ helpdesks, but they will be quite helpless and there’s not much you really can do. Calling your Congress(wo)man may help end this cutbacks, but it is the U.S. Congress who has to come to a decision and end this, hopefully even before it starts.

In addition to the air travel woes, national parks across the nation will see budget cuts that affects the park rangers, and hence the closure of some of the biggest national parks like Sequoia, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Mount Rainier. The elimination of guided tours may also affect the preservation of these parks and leave them open for abuse from millions of tourists visiting the parks every year.

We will keep you updated if the sequester goes into effect.

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