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SIMPLcase stores international SIMs and has a slot for hands-free use

February 18, 2013

Using your country’s SIM card for voice or data usage while traveling to a foreign country can be expensive and that’s why most travelers purchase a local SIM card to avoid the steep roaming charges. If you’re iPhone user and would like to use it for international SIM cards, then you know how difficult it can be to save those tiny, most important communication tools and also that tray eject pin. That’s where this case called the “minimalist iPhone case for travelers,” comes in. The SIMPLcase is a must-have for traveling techno geeks.


The case has a multiple slot SIM storage space with an easy-to-use eject tool to insert the appropriate country’s SIM card.

Not only that, a slot in the back of the case provides the added functionality of a low-profile stand for hands-free viewing. Just stick in any standard credit card as a stand for using your iPhone in either horizontal or vertical orientation.


The founders claim to initialize the project by offering it only for iPhone 5, but eventually developing the cases for all the phones. We wonder if the cases for any particular phone has the SIM slots sized for that phone – for example, iPhone 5 uses nano SIM, iPhone 4 uses micro-SIM and most of the other phones have regular ones.

They have not yet specified the price of the case, but we cannot wait to get our hands on it and try it out.

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