It all comes to location, location, location when selecting a hotel

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February 12, 2013  •  2 min(s) read

hotel_locationOne of the key and important part of your travels is selecting a hostel or hotel to stay, and before the price, the deciding factor should be location. And depending on your interests at the destination – clubs, restaurants & city-life or beaches, mountains, small towns – you must find the most appropriate neighborhood to stay at. Make sure to decide that ahead of time, ensuring to give enough time to book the hotel.

Even though a city-life and sights-to-see are on your priority list, if you’re visiting a destination with a beach, your hotel’s location must be somewhere in between to make it accessible for all the activities. Speaking of which, check the local transportation around the hotel – is there a bus stop nearby? Do all the buses that take you back-and-forth from sights stop there? What is the cost of a taxi ride to that beach?

Websites like TripAdvisor and StreetAdvisor provide a good overview of a neighborhood, along with reviews and prices of the hotels there. Both sites include the local shops, restaurants, and a good summation of the overall vibe of a neighborhood. Not all cities may have a hotel in the neighborhood you’d prefer to stay at, but try and get one as close as possible.

facebook_turkeyIf you’re unsure of the destination or neighborhood you should be staying at, then posting a question on Twitter or Facebook to your friends may get responses that will give you an idea or a direction. Tried and tested places, and that too from people you know, is the best way to go about selecting the area and reserving that hostel or hotel which will give you the price for your money.

Travel On The Dollar