Airline launches ‘quiet zones’ by placing kids at the back of the plane

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February 4, 2013  •  2 min(s) read

Kids in airplanesLast year, WestJet introduced child-free flights and Malaysian airlines launched them in 2011; and now Air Asia X is jumping into the same foray with a lower tone by simply pushing the kids at the back of the plane!

The airline’s A330-300 fleet, which covers flights across Australia, Nepal, China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea will have the new “quiet zones” as seven economy class rows. The rows will have soft lighting encouraging relaxation, and doesn’t cost more.

Passengers with children under 12 years of age traveling in economy class will be given the back seats, away from the ‘quiet zone’. Unlike WestJet or Malaysian, Air Asia X is not banning kids from traveling, but instead, is enhancing the array of product offerings on board to suit its guests individual needs and preferences.

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