Visit the very unique ‘hotel’ website for a good cause

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January 11, 2013  •  2 min(s) read

Faktum is Gothenburg’s street newspaper, and recently they launched a website called ‘Faktum Hotels‘. The first impression of this image-heavy and well-designed website is yet another hotel website. But this is not a hotel brand.

Faktum Hotels is a project to attract donations for as many as 3,400 homeless people living in the Swedish second largest city. Upon visiting the site, you’re shown ten different “rooms” used by the homeless around the city – such as an underpass, disused paper mill, park bench, forests, dock, even under the seating area at a football stadium.

Faktum Hotels
You can ‘book’ a room for SEK 100 (about USD 15) that will be donated to a charity. Add more nights at a property and it increases the donation. Every room has its unique description, like the one for the picture shown above is:

Fit for a king, the hilltop accommodation of Kungshöjd lies just inside the old city wall and enjoys a palatial view across the water. The area is bubbling with life and just around the corner is a first-class shopping district.

The idea is to find a roof over their heads. Some of them crash with a friend or a refuge, but some sleep in the open air. So the organization has chosen ten of the places where they might spend the night – and made it possible for you to book them. Just like any hotel!

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