Hostel Review: Casa de Las Fuentes, Antigua, Guatemala

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January 9, 2013  •  3 min(s) read

Casa de Las Fuentes, Antigua, Guatemala

Breakfast included: No.

Address: Avenida El Desengaño No. 26, Antigua, Guatemala

Poor location, good rooms
There are few things right about this place and then there are a few wrong. Let’s start with the good ones – The decor of this place is fantastic and it’s a huge hostel with great, clean and spacious rooms. We stayed at room 23, which was way at the back in a separate building, along with other rooms. The hostel’s main reception person speaks English. The building area is well-secured with a 24-hour attendant at the front desk.

But some of the bad things about this place are: It’s located at one end of the Antigua town, so be prepared to walk a lot to reach the hotel from anywhere in the town. Although it is located on a busy street so you will always have vehicles passing by, even in the dark time of the day.

The wi-fi connection is provided all over the hostel by different routers, but some of them don’t work at night and at different times, so you may have to walk up to the front-desk area to be able to connect. Except for that one woman at the front desk, no one else speaks English.

The two most troubling things about this place, which we experienced are:
One of the cleaning staff opened the door with their key even without knocking, just said something and immediately closed the door! We complained to the staff and they apologized, but this is not acceptable.

There is a chicken farm behind the hostel, so if you are staying in room 23 or any rooms in the back building, the screaming roosters will keep you up all night. Yes, all night!

Additionally, hostels usually have rules for guests making noise in the night time – but this wasn’t the case at this hostel, because the guests in room 24 (next to us) were up all night making noises. And even after complaining to the front desk, the same happened next night as well.

All in all, this is a good place to stay at – with friendly staff and clean rooms, this secured hostel can be a good value for your bucks.

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