Hostel Review: Hostel Pangea, San Jose, Costa Rica

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January 8, 2013  •  3 min(s) read

Hostel Pangea, San Jose, Costa Rica

Breakfast included: No

Address: Ave 7, San Jose, Costa Rica

One of the worst out there in San Jose, Costa Rica
We stayed for one night at this hotel in downtown San Jose (Costa Rica) and the first impression is that considering the high crime rate in the capital city, this is a fortified hotel! There are high gates and entrance door to the hotel, accessible by ringing a bell and showing your wrist-band to the gate-keeper.

The lobby is dark and rooms are not clean at all. Although we had booked a private room with ensuite showers, we were asked to be in a room that had shared bathroom, just because our room was unavailable. So after paying more than what we had intended to, we were given Room 22 – the Royal Suite. If this was a royal suite, then we are glad not to stay in any other room, because the shower was an open area inside the room with no shower-curtain or door. The only window was covered with curtains and when we opened them, there was a huge wall right outside. So basically, there are no windows in this room except for this small window-like outlet, and both “windows” are not covered with nets, so expect a lot of mosquitoes inside!

The wi-fi was available but not working and according to the reception staff “we called the technician, but because of holidays, there’s no one to answer”. So there was really no wi-fi for those 3-4 days during the Christmas holiday season.

In addition to the open shower area, the wash-basin was outside of the main toilet (which was small, but thankfully with a door).

The location of this hotel is just north of the downtown and in a secluded street which is quite dangerous according to the staff. And lastly, upon check-in we were told that with that wrist-band we will be allowed one free drink from the roof-top bar, but don’t believe that! We had to pay for a bottle of water.

All in all, this hotel is one of the most disappointing places to live at. There should be better options out there in the city, so go for one.

P.S. We were asked to write a good review on TripAdvisor and receive a discount! No way!

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